Ristorante Bovio (previously Belvedere)

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About the Service

This is a family style restaurant with friendly service. Waiters and waitresses do not speak much English, but we were still able to somehow communicate with them, with help of gesture and similar food terminology in English, French and Italian.

It is well known that the most expensive truffle, weighing 1.2 kg, was auctioned to Hong Kong in 2005 for a record-breaking price of €95,000.

Practical Information

Ristorante Bovio
Via Alba, 17bis - 12064 La Morra (about 10km southwest of Alba)
Cuneo , Piemonte, ITALY
Tel: +39 0173 590303


5-course Tasting Menu: €40
6-course White Truffle Tasting Menu (only during Truffle season): €250
Extra truffle can be purchased at €400/100g

Useful Tips

  • The restaurant is located on top of a hill. The view is fabulous during day time.
  • Ask the restaurant manager to shave the white truffle in front of you.
  • Remember to sniff at the white truffle right after it is shaved on top of your dish. You will be amazed by its intense aroma!!!
  • Don’t miss the truffle hunting demonstration in Alba during their annual festival in early November which marks the beginning of their truffle season.